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    Want to make some craters for your game without having to use actual explosives? Well, to keep those pesky ATF stormtroopers away from your place make your craters this way:

    Go to a hobby craft shop or if you must to evilmart and get some styrofoam cones or balls with a base diameter as large as you want your largest craters to be.

    Now with a ball, cut in in half right at the equator. Then take either half and but again just a bit above the base line about as high as you want your crater wall to be.

    Next take a sharp xacto knife and stick it into the upper surface of the beveled disk you just made and carefully cut around the inside keeping the knife at an angle going in towards the center.

    You may nick your finger a few times at this but hey, you’re a wargamer, suck it up! After a while you’ll get some nice callous and scar tissue on your fingertips that’ll make them tougher.

    You mow have a basic crater but a fragile one. Cover it in yellow wood glue and let it dry on a glass plate on non stick surface, the glue as it hardens will give it some needed structural integrity.

    You could also flock it with dried out coffee grounds which will give it a useful dirt colored rough textured surface just right for an explosive produced crater or rapidly dug foxhole.

    But wait, there’s even more! You can take the part of cut out of the center of your new crater, flip it over, cut a beveled section out of it and have a smaller crater. Repeat as you wish. You can cut some craters apart and overlap them for that lovely ‘heavily shelled” look to your battlefield, or put a smaller off center crater inside a big one.

    I did this for 40k scale figs, not sure how it’ll work for AQMF scale but give it a try.

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