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    I’d like to discuss a proijhect5 i’m working on.

    I’m trying to write a rpog setting book for a generic rpg system I like. It would be based on WotW and have a few points of similarity with AQMF and some significant differences.

    For one, it’s technically set in the third martian war. The second one was fought during the exact time frame of WW1. The third starts in the early 1920’s and is by far the worst. It forms the timeframe of my rpg setting “WotW: Migration”.

    if it’s ok with the owners of AQMF I’d like to outline my setting, ask for feedback and see about doing this without having to involve lawyers or fight over whether my setting would be considered a violation of AQMF’s IP. I hope we can do this gamer to gamer because if i have to get involved with a lawyer it’s just not worth it for a setting that likely won’t make much money since it’s for a niche game system.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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