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    If a new edition of AQMF was to be made what changes would all of you like to see?
    Rule Changes?
    New Factions?
    New Settings?
    New Units?

    David Pearce
    Tabletop Hero Games

    Gunny Highway
    Gunny Highway

    Would like to see Rule Changes. We have lots of fan input that could be put to good use. Many years worth on the Forums. Are you in playtest now?
    New units. Perhaps an improvement on some of the existing ones. Some that come to mind:
    Gatherer; Overseer both weren’t great out of the chute. Maybe rework the U.S. Scout cars.Perhaps we could see some U.S. Cavalry and their support units, i.e. mortars and their transports?

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    David Schaffner
    David Schaffner

    I would like to see an Imperial German force created, and so humans vs. humans scenarios might be fought against the dastardly Huns.
    My friends have always liked the rule system, and have remarked it would be great just as a Weird, pre-WWI gaming platform. So, we would enjoy seeing an adjunct to a 2nd Edition enabling force opposition akin to US/British vs. Germans. (this in addition to the current Martian foe)



    Fix a few of the broken rules, like the Barrage rules, and maybe add a little more balance to some of the units. The Martian drone movement pretty much makes them useless unless they can match the speed of the tripod, at least that is what we have found in our games, or extend the range. I would like to see more Martian infantry be it drones or infantry types.
    There are already too many unit types so I do not think any more are needed for the factions that exist.
    More factions would be a nice addition.
    Most importantly I think more generic Scenarios.

    Better models, some of them the quality of the casting have been not so good.



    I am probably not the best to answer this since I haven’t played the game since way back when the Kickstarter was first delivering, but here are a few of our observations from then. The point system needs a serious overhaul. If I recall correctly, for one we found machine guns to be massively effective for the cost, especially on tanks with multiples.

    We also greatly disliked the US Infantry basing. While perhaps visually right for the notion of dispersed infantry formations, mechanically they funtion more like blocks of Napoleonic infantry than modern warfare maneuver elements as I envision they should. We intended to base our models differently but never got around to playing them to see how gameplay was effected. Some consideration might have to be given to how infantry assaults on tripods and heat ray templates, amongst other things, might function differently given smaller infantry bases.

    I second the call for better quality on the resin castings.

    I also wouldn’t mind seeing another faction added to the game. I don’t know if I’d play it myself, but such are the things that keep games new and fresh. I don’t care myself for the idea of aliens other than Martians in the game so another human faction would be my vote.



    I would suggest you ask this question over on the fan forum, also check out the work that has already been done by lots of people over there.



    2nd edition rules would be great. We need rules for several models including Texas forces Indian and Egyptian forces. Some mention of the morlocks would be nice too.

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