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    Gunny Highway
    Gunny Highway

    Before everyone goes to the shed to get their torches and pitchforks…. With the ugly history over, and the new company on its way, one has to ask about the elephant in the room. Is it time to go to a second edition? I know this is a two man operation. Rules are essential to growth of your line. At first, the game was widely popular but lost many under the old regime. One of the complaints was some aspects of the rules didn’t digest well. One of the complaints was the movement phases.
    Now I know this wasn’t the only complaint, not the only reason the ship went down. But new sculpts will only get u so far. So discussion can begin, I do know of the other forum and its work but that was before the IG guys picked up the banner. I will go stand by the old oak tree and wait for the lynching party…..:)

    Judge Death
    Judge Death

    I think it could be a good idea, especially if more optional and advanced rules were added. Let people choose the level of complexity they want. Small battles with limited forces could be done with complex rules to make the game more interesting, huge battles with massive forces could be ran with simpler rules.

    Richard Leclercq
    Richard Leclercq

    There are some issues with the rules that should be resolved with a rules revision.

    A system with several levels of complexity would be a good idea. Small games can be more interesting with more detailed rules, while larger games do better with less detail.

    I’d suggest that the “fluff” of the hardback rulebook be retained.

    At the risk of having my name knitted by Madame DeFarge:

    One thing I’d like to redo:

    Create a comprehensive weapons chart, statistics first, and then apply the names for the weapons. There needs to be a little less need for suspension of disbelief with the weapon stats.

    I really think the Mark IV needs to be given “machine” status.

    The number of gimmick weapons, like the glue cannon, needs to be kept low. I am very much in favor of an official rule something like:

    Limited 750; Only one of these items may be included for each 750 points in the list
    Limited 1000; Only one of these items may be included for each 1000 points in the list

    And then some verbiage about the number of limited weapons of all types.

    With the coming of the Siege of Europa, It would seem that a restructuring of the rules is in order.



    Gregg Dieckhaus

    Just Curious,
    What would you want in an app.
    And would you pay for it?

    Judge Death
    Judge Death

    An app? Well the rules, in a pdf format you could search. Once they update them and the app would update them as they were revised.

    Maybe a built in multi d10 roller but we can get those for free now.

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