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    please help, very confused.

    with field fortifications (trenches, towers, bunkers). I assume their def is 3 and armour is 10. does this mean that once their armour is breached they are automatically destroyed (not having hit/damage points like standard buildings???)

    Also with a Fortress, def is 2 and armour is 14. Does this mean that, that the fortress only suffers damage on its resolution chart when its armour of 14 is breached???

    please help folks



    From what I understood from reading the rules the def 3, armour 10 field fortifications are for armoured gun turrets. If their armour is breached they would be destroyed. I don’t think that there are stats for destroying trenches and bunkers, though for the bunkers I’d probably use the fortress rules.

    I think the fortress does only roll on the chart when its armour of 14 is breached. This does mean that you need to hit it with some quite powerful weapons to have any chance of destroying it. Or of course get really lucky with the get a 10 followed by a 10 rule at the bottom of page 43.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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