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    Robert Garlinghouse


    I watched Ron Oren’s video, it was some help, but I have a couple of observations and a couple of questions.

    Starter Kit build diagram says it is building a MkII, it’s not, it’s building a MkIII.

    I found the Starter Kit contents in another post, could we get that pinned somewhere?

    Check out the attached pic, if you would. Build diagram points vaguely to the rear of a tank, I think Rob Oren threw it away. Where does this belong, what is it supposed to be?

    Thank you for your time, looking forward to playing! Missed the Kickstarter, glad to see it survived!


    Robert Garlinghouse

    OK, it’s a hitch for towing trailers.

    The usual suspects make sense, the Tesla Cannon, the Munitions Carrier, the Flame Tank. But the big rule book has a picture of a Clamper Tank with one. Is the pic a mistake? Is there a list somewhere as to what machines have these?


    Robert Garlinghouse

    Well, it’s been a full month, and no reply.

    Does no one from the company watch these boards?



    They go on all the tanks. I have put them on mine apart from perhaps a couple I forgot.

    I have linked the original pdfs here Assembly Instructions

    You may be best asking questions on the fan board as I think its more active than here

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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