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    What I’ve seen at my LFGS for building playership on a particular tabletop games is a “Slow Grow League.” Basically everyone starts with a (cheaper ~ $40-$50) “starter box” and then every couple of weeks people have to add a few points to their list; over time, this grows their faction’s army.

    I acknowledge there are only three factions and the ‘starter box’ is basically everything needed to play two of the three factions. My questions are:

    1) Will AQOTMF have smaller starter boxes to accommodate something like a ‘slow grow’ league?
    2) Capping the game at 3 factions (US, BEF, Martian)?
    3) Does Ironclad have a ‘supporter role’ like PP has press gangers, Wyrd has henchman, etc.?

    I haven’t finished going through the entire forum here, but I did see some discussion about adding (human) military factions (like the French), and some more alien races, though this seemed like it was a debated topic and some felt it was a bad idea?



    Actually there’s been a lot of workups done on other factions and even one on Venus on the AQMF forum elsewhere. IG has been very supportive of all this and I applaud their open minded approach to the game. I personally did several battles workups (I call them OOBs) for using a single starter or a starter and one single added boxed unit. Hopefully, IG can get up to doing that second book on the French, German, and Venus factions 🙂

    Richard Leclercq
    Richard Leclercq

    I must ask the following:

    A tier for newer players at the 750 point level, thereabouts,
    smaller, simpler scenarios to encourage players to get involved.

    Another tier or tiers for bigger, more complex games.

    Please take pains to make the games fun. I have seen too many games where pile-o-points army fights pile-o-points army for no purpose other than than abstract competition.

    The battle of memphis event seems like a good model.


    Heck, maybe even a Missouri Front campaign, with multiple missions leading up to the Battle of St. Louis. I also want to see a Battle of Tucson when the Overseer comes.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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