The Battle of Piccadilly Gulch, Texas.

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    Freshly unloaded from in Galveston, the BEF unloads to support American operations of the Southern Command. There were wandering tripods sited and the mission was to engage them. But supply problems occurred, and while the bulk of the American tanks were pulled back to refuel. The BEF, with their radium powered engines, stayed forward and invested a long abandoned mining town. There, they renamed it Piccadilly Gulch, and the town center Trafalgar Bend, and the local church, “Cantebury”. Why? Something about it struck their humor. Who can truly understand our cousins across the sea? Defenses fully made, they waited, and in that wait, the Martians attacked.
    An All Quiet on the Martian Front Battle Report




    Nice scenario Phil!

    Happy New year all!

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