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    Nice; hope to see you there! I actually only found out a week or two ago that AQotMF was actually produced (I only knew about the original Kickstarter after the fact) and still haven’t even received my order, but I love the game so much already from what I’ve read, that I’ve already scheduled the event!

    If you’re not familiar with the Board Room, it’s a great venue: $5 to play all day, any day (closed Mondays), it’s super clean, easy to find, has free private parking in back (with lots of overflow on-street parking), they serve food and there’s a ton of other food options around, all along Main St. (I’m helping with the con, but have no affiliation with the Board Room other than running games there twice a month.)

    Sticks and Stones is really just a gathering this year, as we look towards doing something bigger next year, so there’s no charge beyond the Board Room’s $5 entry fee, but there will be some great events with some great GMs. (This year’s con hasn’t been announced yet, but check https://www.facebook.com/sticksandstonescon/ for updates.)

    In addition to AQotMF, I’ll be running a custom level of Fantasy Flight’s new version of DOOM the board game based on a DOOM I level (Hell Keep), as well as an old Dracula board game that I’ve turned into a large-scale mini event and a Conan mini game based on the first Conan story, using a new RPG system I’ve developed called Dungeons Deep. Fantasy Flight’s Descent and I believe a game of In Nomine are also early entries to the schedule. Should be fun!

    And related to AQotMF, I’m developing a Little War of the Worlds event for the Board Room in August (and Gary Con in March) that mashes up Wells’ WoW story with his Little Wars rules, with each side shooting little projectiles at each other! Check me out at http://facebook.com/dndgeek for updates on that and all of my other projects and events.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)