Gatherer Tripod

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Gatherer Tripod. Unit: 1 Element Points per unit: 50 Type: Tripod Speed: 6″ Defense: 6 Armor: 11 Special: See below Weaponry: None Gatherer Tripods carry large cages for captives, and they often accompany Harvester Tripods on their missions. Any Martian Unit equipped with reaper tentacles can transfer victims to nearby Gatherer Tripods, where they are held captive until it is time to meet their fate. Tripod (in bold): When a Tripod suffers one or more points of damage from an attack, roll on the Tripod Damage Resolution Chart to determine what happens. See Page 48 of the core rulebook. Cage (in bold): If a Martian unit armed with Reaper Tentacles makes an assault, any human casualties it causes are immediately transferred to the nearest Gatherer Tripod within 6″. Drone Control Module (in bold): A Gatherer Tripod can upgraded to be a drone controller for +15 points. This allows the Gatherer Tripod to control one unit of drones. See Page 120 of the Core Rulebook.


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