Martian Overseer

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An Overseer Tripod is as tall as a six-story building and the
largest Tripod encountered to date. While the internal workings
of Martian society remain a mystery, it is possible that the
Overseer Tripods carry within their enlarged carapaces the
leaders of groups of cylinder clusters and chains of redoubts.
Overseer Tripods are not often encountered, but when they
stride across the battlefield, even the bravest of men have
been seen to tremble in fear. They are studded with Heat Ray
projectors, including an especially large and powerful weapon
that human troops call the Sun Gun because of its incredibly
bright yellow ray. The Sun Gun blasts through and melts anything
it touches. This devastating weapon is capable of destroying
practically anything in its path with super-concentrated heat.
Experience has demonstrated that the Sun Gun takes time to
recharge between blasts, giving human troops a brief chance to
counterattack this vast mechanical monstrosity.
Overseers are accompanied by drones, which ride within recesses
in its carapace.
Overseers have been known to hurl their drones towards
the enemy. Upon impact with ground, the tough robots pick
themselves up and scuttle forward unharmed.


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